Hardly a month after being granted a presidential pardon, four KZN prisoners have been rearrested for stealing… the same crime that landed them in jail in the first place.

Three of the men are from Kokstad and one is from Glencoe. They are being held at their local correctional facilities.

The KZN Department of Correctional Services spokeswoman Nokuthula Zikhali, said that efforts were being made to help former prisoners readjust to society.

They were offered programmes in prison to develop their skills,” she said.

Last month 5 722 KZN prisoners were released early as part of a nationwide pardon. Altogether 37 873 prisoners were released after President Jacob Zuma granted a special remission of sentences to prisoners.

For now the department does not know if the re-admission of the four prisoners will be affected by their earlier sentences but more will be known after they appear in court. - The Mercury