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Johannesburg - A Mozambican accused of committing murder with two others in Muldersdrift has denied any involvement in any of the violent crimes in the area in 2012.

Mumbling softly from the stand on Monday, Manir Lubisi told the South Gauteng High Court he was not involved in the shooting of Muldersdrift residents Andre Jordaan, 50, and Alyssa Botha, 13.

He denied any knowledge of the assaults on Botha’s father and sister and several other robberies and attacks in the area in 2012.

State prosecutor advocate Gerrit Roberts spent much of the day trying to link Lubisi to the crimes.

Lubisi, along with his fellow accused Samson Mandlezi and Alfred Zwane, were arrested in September 2012 when they were found with stolen items near the Beyers Naudé off-ramp on the N14 highway.

Lubisi admitted to guarding items near the highway, but said he did not know what they were or that they were stolen.

A man named Albino had asked him to guard the goods.

Roberts produced a stolen black-and-turquoise jacket in court and forced Lubisi to admit he was wearing the jacket, which contained two stolen remote controls in the pocket, when he was arrested.

Lubisi said the jacket was given to him by a man who was also guarding the goods.

He did not know the man’s name. It was this man who rummaged through the items and handed him the jacket, Lubisi said.

He gave evasive answers to many of Roberts’s questions.

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