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Pretoria - A Pretoria man was beaten up so violently that he had a fractured skull, ribs, breastbone, jaw, cheek and nose and sustained serious injuries to his neck, brain and heart.

This was the evidence of a pathologist, Dr Janette Verster, in the trial of self-confessed drug addict Jude Joseph Plekenpol, 31.

Plekenpol was convicted in the High Court in Pretoria on charges of murder and robbery after admitting that he had in April last year beaten his friend Louis Eksteen, 45, to death in his house in Garsfontein, Pretoria, and robbed him of his car, cash and other items.

Plekenpol claimed he had lost his temper because of Eksteen's alleged unwanted sexual advances after a night of using alcohol and the drug CAT.

He, however, also admitted having a sexual relationship with another man, who offered him money to stay over for another night.

Plekenpol said he had tied up and gagged Eksteen before dragging him to the bathroom so that he would not resist or scream.

He had also forced Eksteen to supply him with the PIN code to his bank account.

He left the scene in Eksteen's bakkie but was arrested when he tried to sell his victim's CDs at a pawn shop.

Plekenpol claimed his depression, suicidal tendencies and use of alcohol and drugs became worse after the incident.

Dr Verster testified that Eksteen had been struck 13 times on the head and face and had injuries consistent with high impact.

He had injuries to his wrists and a swollen hand because his hands had been tied very tightly.

Enough force was used to cause an in-driven skull fracture, from which other skull fractures extended, and a severe brain injury.

His eye socket was damaged, his nasal bridge fractured and his right cheekbone and jawbone were also fractured.

Eksteen's neck and thyroid muscles were damaged, which was usually due to pressure on the neck like strangulation or a direct blow to the neck.

He had several rib fractures and a contusion of the heart muscle which could have been caused by a blow to the chest. He also suffered massive blood loss.

Dr Verster testified that Eksteen's blood loss, contusion of the heart, injuries to his head and brain and the impact with the neck could all have caused his death.

Judge Tshifiwa Maumela postponed Plekenpol's trial to September 12 for sentencing proceedings.