Overport - A man who allegedly beat a pensioner with a golf club on Thursday was nabbed for that crime after an alert policeman recognised him when he was arrested for an unrelated burglary attempt.

The man, 29, was arrested on Friday after trying to break into a house in Granger Place, Overport. The owner of the house caught him and then called the police. The man was charged with trespassing.

Mayville police detective Warrant Officer David Nzama, the investigator in the golf club incident, was at the police station when the man was brought in by police.

Nzama said the man fitted the description given him by the victim, Devraj Chetty ,77, of Glenearn Road who was beaten with a golf club. Before he could interview the man another victim of a burglary walked into the station and told police his watch and cellphone had been stolen from his lounge table in Centre Road earlier on Friday.

Nzama searched the man and found a cellphone in his pocket and a watch around his wrist. The victim identified the items as his.

Nzama spotted blood stains on the man’s clothes. After questioning the man about his crimes he led police to a shop in the Durban CBD where he sold the laptop. His clothes will be sent for tests to see if the blood matches Chetty’s.

The man faces charges of house breaking, trespassing and house robbery. He was to appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

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