A man jumped from the 5th floor of Sandhurst Towers in Sandton. The man survived the fall. 110512. picture: Chris Collingridge 536

A 28-year-old man fell from his upmarket fifth-floor flat in Sandton on Friday after he allegedly set the flat alight during a domes squabble.

The man, whose identity is yet to be released, leapt from his balcony at Sandhurst Towers after setting the flat alight, neighbours said.

He was found by paramedics on the concrete outside of the building soon after 3am.

He was badly hurt and unconscious but still breathing.

ER24 spokeswoman Vanessa Jackson said it was miraculous that the man survived.

“After a fall from that height paramedics were shocked to find that the man was still alive. He was in a critical condition, having sustained extensive and multiple injuries.

“Paramedics placed him on life-saving equipment and treated him for his injuries, which included multiple broken bones, internal injuries and a severe head injury,” she said.

The man was taken to Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, where he is still being treated.

Neither police nor paramedics were willing to speculate on the reason for the fire and fall.

Jackson said this would be investigated.

Residents at the building, who asked not to be named, said the man was a long-term resident at the building.

On Thursday night police were called in by neighbours to address screams coming from his flat after an argument with his girlfriend grew out of control.

Residents say police responded to the disturbance, and were able to calm things down, separating the quarrelling lovers without violence soon after midnight.

It is believed that the woman left the flat after the fight and the man then set it alight.

As the flames grew and residents became aware of the fire, the man is said to have flung himself from his balcony.

He landed on the concrete on the ground floor of the L-shaped apartment building.

Estate manager at the towers Pierre Kriegler said he could not comment until he had filed a report with the building’s trustees.

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