SUSAN Mbhele,gets a shock of her life after witnessing a boy being struck by electricity while stealing cables Isithombe:GUGU MQADI

An alleged cable thief was electrocuted at a sub-station in KwaMashu’s F Section on Monay.

Susan Bhengu, 71, who lives near the electrical sub-station, said she was preparing for her afternoon nap when smoke emerged from the sub-station.

“I saw the smoke. I asked people to call the police,” she said.

Bhengu said when police arrived, they told her a 19-year-old man had been trapped inside. He was declared dead at the scene.

“We are tired of these cable thieves. Just last week we had no electricity because of them.

“It’s an ongoing problem in this community,” she said.

The community called for the doors of the sub-station to be permanently locked because they not only provided an opportunity for cable thieves but also put the lives of children in the area at risk.

An inquest docket has been opened. - Daily News

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