The woman who claimed to have been called in a dream by Oscar Pistorius’ mother, Sheila, to see to it that the Olympian is sent for 60 days of mental observation, is now heading to the Constitutional Court.

Annemarie, with “surname uncertain” – as she calls herself – this week appeared out of the blue at the magistrate’s court, calling on Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair to stop the bail proceedings until Pistorius had been referred for psychiatric evaluation.

The lower court was not prepared to hear her out and she then approached the high court for an urgent order to halt court proceedings.

The former wife of Dr Gerald Versfeld, who amputated Pistorius’ legs when Pistorius was a small boy, claimed to have known the Olympian since childhood.

She said he “obviously” suffered some form of mental breakdown and it was in the interests of justice he be seen by experts.

This court then struck her matter from the roll.

So yesterday afternoon she filed “her motion” with the Constitutional Court and said it was a constitutional matter, as she was not afforded the opportunity to be heard.

She is not sure when her “motion” will be heard, but is returning to the US, where she lives, today. - The Saturday Star