Screen crabs from youtube shows a police officer assualting a naked man in Riebeeck street.

Cape Town -

The man who was assaulted by two policemen and stripped naked in the city centre two months ago says he is satisfied that one of the police officers has been dismissed.

The assault on Clement Emeka, a street vendor from Bellville, outside the Sky Sports Bar and Restaurant in Riebeeck Street was filmed using a cellphone.

The two police officers, Gerrit Januarie and David Gunn, first appeared in court on March 12.

They were each granted R1 500 bail.

Januarie and Gunn, who have 25 years and 24 years experience respectively, were suspended on March 6 by provincial police commissioner Arno Lamoer. On Friday, following a disciplinary hearing, Gunn was found guilty of assault and dismissed. Januarie quit soon after the incident.

Both are due to appear in court later this month.

“I am shocked about this. It is the first time I am hearing about it. He got what he deserved and I hope this serves as a warning to other police out there.

“I have been recovering well in the last month, but what they did to me has had a big impact on my life. I don’t know if I will ever forgive them.” Emeka said on Sunday.

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