Cape Town - Police officers responding to an ATM bombing in Gugulethu came under fire from a man armed with an automatic weapon on Wednesday.

A cash machine at Mzoli’s Butchery in the township was bombed at around 2.25am.

Hearing the explosion, police patrolling the area went over to investigate. When they arrived, a man opened fire at them with an automatic rifle.

Police fired back and the attackers fled.

Police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said no one was injured. It wasn’t clear if the men had got away with any money.

No one had been arrested at the time of going to print.

Mzoli Ngcawuzele, owner of the popular Mzoli’s Butchery, said his property hadn’t been damaged by the blast. “Only the front of the ATM was blown in.

Ngcawuzele said it didn’t seem as though the bombers had got what they wanted. But he was angry, saying this sort of crime deprived the surrounding community of an important resource, a place where they could easily draw money.

He had CCTV cameras on his property and these could aid police investigations.

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