File picture: Elisabet Ottosson/Flickr

Durban - The infant who had been asleep in the back seat of her mother’s car when it had been hijacked in Durban was dumped in the middle of the road by the hijackers.

Luckily for the baby, a good Samaritan scooped up the child before it could be hurt.

The mother had parked her BMW in Hunt Road with the intention of popping into the Glenwood Village Shopping Centre.

But before she could open the back door to get her daughter out, the hijackers pounced.

They drove off with her car and baby on Tuuesday.

Erik Bredberg, who found the infant, said he had been driving his employees home from St Augustine’s Hospital when they noticed a baby car seat in the middle of Charles Strachan Road.

“At first we thought it was an old seat that someone had thrown out but we all thought it looked a bit new to be thrown out.

Their suspicions aroused, they turned around.

“When we approached there was a baby in it fast asleep,” said Bredberg.

He said the baby appeared to be just under a year old.

“We went to the Mayville police station where we reported the matter and the police there said they had heard over their radio about a hijacking where hijackers had made off with the baby,” Bredberg said.

He said police contacted the infant’s family and he had waited until they arrived to pick up their child.

“They came and got their baby and everybody was happy.”

Police spokesman, Captain Thulani Zwane, said the car was found abandoned in Cato Manor and no arrests have been made.

“The child was found in the vicinity of the hijacking unharmed,” he said.

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