Former cop Dayalin Maslamoney, 39, appeared in court for a theft charge this week. He won R10 million lottow jackpot in 2009 but squandered it on fast cars, entertaining friends and buying properties and businesses. Picture: Supplied.

Durban - A former policeman charged with theft, and who won R10 million on the Lotto in 2009, was granted bail on Tuesday.

Dayalin Maslamoney, 39, appeared in the Pietermaritzburg District Court with his co-accused, Zaheer Khan, 35, on two counts of theft under false pretences and one count of impersonating police officers.

The State did not oppose the application and Maslamoney was released on R2 000 bail.

Khan, who has a previous conviction for theft and has a pending case against him of possession of stolen property, was denied bail on the grounds that he has a propensity to commit these offences.

Testifying in support of his bail application, Maslamoney said he lives in a house in Chase Valley owned by his ex-wife.

He manages two video rental businesses which were also owned by his ex-wife.

“I intend to plead not guilty to the charges against me,” Maslamoney said.

The former policeman was arrested after an incident in Boom Street on February 2.

It is alleged Maslamoney and Khan knocked on the door of Yusuf Billy, pretending to be police officers, and that Maslamoney then produced a name badge with SAPS insignia on it.

The two men questioned Billy about an alleged “suspect”, and when Billy said he did not know anything, the two allegedly demanded cash. Billy allegedly handed over R250.

One of Billy’s friends who was in the house called the police. Maslamoney and Khan were nabbed by officers at the entrance of the house.

The case has been adjourned to February 25.

The Maslamoneys were divorced in 2010. His wife got half of the Lotto winnings.

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