Cape Town 010213 Edward street , Durbanville was the last place that Jean Lambrechts (19) from Belville was seen parting before he was beaten up and ended up in hospital coma and still is in a coma with blood on his brain. picture : neil baynes reporter : Henriette

Cape Town

- Former bouncer boss André Naudé has asked entertainment venue Cougar Lounge in Durbanville’s popular Edward Street party strip to release footage of activities at the club last weekend, in the hope it will identify the attackers of 19-year-old Jean Lambrechts.

Lambrechts and his friends were attacked in a courtyard next to the bar Hooters, which was closed at the time. Hooters is next door to Cougar Lounge, where the group of people who allegedly attacked Lambrechts spent time before the assault, which took place in the early hours of last Saturday.

Naudé, a former director of Specialised Security Services (SPS), the bouncer operation shut down by the Hawks last year for operating without being registered with the Private Security Regulatory Authority, knows bouncers from about 200 clubs across the Western Cape. He stepped in with an offer to help this week.

One of the attackers jumped on Lambrechts’s head, and he was unconscious when he was admitted to hospital.

Naudé told Weekend Argus on Friday that he was co-operating with the police investigator in the case, Phillip Thiart, and was working with the owner of Cougar Lounge to try to secure footage taken of patrons in the club.

“Three of Lambrechts’s friends have indicated they will be able to identify the attackers,” Naudé said.

Naudé became involved after a bouncer he knows, Piet van Zyl, who works at the pool bar Stones, came to the aid of Lambrechts and his friends shortly after the attack.

Stones was still open, and the last group of about 20 guests was leaving, when a traumatised woman arrived to call for help. Naudé confirmed reports from witnesses and the manager of Stones, Charl de Vries, that a crying woman, one of Lambrechts’s friends and a witness to the attack, ran about 20m from the quad to Stones to call for help.

Van Zyl responded, then stayed with the victims until the police arrived.

“He also checked Lambrechts’s pulse to ensure he was still alive,” said Naudé.

Naudé denied reports that police were unhelpful, saying they arrived and took control of the situation, allowing him to leave.

De Vries said he was busy cashing up at Stones at about 2am when Van Zyl was called out to the scene. “We close at 2am and Hooters closes at midnight.

“That’s why they came to us for help,” he said. The bouncer had been “able to help stabilise the situation” and “provide medical care”.

Weekend Argus