11 may 2014 A hit and run driver sped Frank Low street knocked a five year old boy who died.The driver of the Vechicle drove away. The boy's name was Zac Isaacs

Cape Town -

A little boy’s trip to buy sweets ended in tragedy when he was knocked over and killed by a motorist who then drove off.

Four-year-old Zach Isaacs was hit by a speeding car in Frank Louw Avenue in Bellville South on Saturday, a short distance from his home.

The driver, who was arrested on Sunday, was known to residents and recognised.

Witnesses said after hitting Zach, the man stopped and got out of his car to look at the child. He then drove off, leaving a number plate behind.

Zach’s mother, Sharmyn Isaacs, 42, who is a general cleaner at a factory in Kasselsvlei, rushed home from work on hearing the news.

“I’d just phoned my 16-year-old son, Nathaniel, to let him know that I’d be arriving home a bit later. Soon after that I got a call from my landlady.

“When I heard her just screaming on the phone, I knew something was wrong and I ran home.”

Isaacs said she arrived to find Zach lying in the road, being worked on by paramedics, but it was too late. He had a severe head injury. “The paramedics tried, but everything failed.

“I taught Zach how to be responsible on the road, he knew what to do. It was a drunk driver that did this.”

She said her son was a “sweet, energetic and wonderful child”. She would be able to forgive the driver.

“My ex-husband, Zach’s father, wanted to look for him. He was so angry he wanted to kill him.

“But nothing is going to bring my baby back. I forgive him. He is the one who will have to live with this every day.”

Police spokesman Colonel Andrè Traut said a man had been arrested on a charge of culpable homicide.

The driver is due in court soon.

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