Pretoria - A Klerksdorp horse farm owner is fearing for his life and has turned to the Pretoria High Court for an urgent interdict against a member of the Max Motorbike Club who he claims is threatening to kill him and his family.

Craig Czank earlier told Judge Neil Tuchten that the respondent (who is not named as his side of the story is not stated to the court) was a violent man, who abused drugs.

“I truly believe that he will honour his threats to harm me and my family,” said Czank. In a statement before court, Czank said he appointed the respondent as foreman on his farm despite the man’s previous clashes with the law. “I truly believed that I could make a difference in his life,” Czank said.

But things went wrong when the respondent started using drugs such as cat, cocaine and tik.

Czank said the respondent then started an affair with the wife of another Max Motorbike Club member. The two men met at a local Klerksdorp pub called Mustangs to talk about the affair.

This, Czank said, resulted in the respondent hitting the husband and the man now suffers epileptic fits and has to use medication for the rest of his life.

“I subsequently caught the respondent with my own wife. I also learned that while working on my farm, he introduced her to drugs.”

Czank said on January 22 this year he received a phone call from the respondent, who told him that he was going to kill him and his family.

“The respondent is 33 years old, just under two metres tall and weighs about 125 kilograms.

“He is a violent person who will not hesitate to use his fists. In the past he crossed paths with the law and faced various charges such as attempted murder, assault and even rape.

“He is naturally an aggressive man and coupled with his drug abuse, I am convinced that he could kill me and my family.”

Czank said he was scared of the respondent that planned to stay with friends until the interdict was in place.

His lawyer told the court that they battled to serve this application on the respondent, as he “ducked and dived” the sheriff.

One of Czank’s employees, Pieter le Grange, said in a statement that the respondent last month also threatened him and his family with death. “He also told me that Klerksdorp, the North West province and South Africa are too small and that I should start running.”

Judge Tuchten ordered the respondent not threaten, intimidate or assault Czank. He was given until February 19 to state why the court should not confirm this order.

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