Alleged fraudster Fadwa Alexander.

Cape Town - A businessman who bought a luxury vehicle from an accounting clerk who allegedly defrauded her boss out of millions of rands is now worried that he is being taken for a ride.

Yusuf Achmat, 40, the owner of a tourism company in the city, says alleged fraudster Fadwa Alexander and her husband, Billy, sold their white Lexus IS 250 to him days before she was exposed in the Daily Voice on November 2.

He says he paid them in cash, but now claims the couple are trying to blackmail him into paying them more money.

Alexander, a former accounting clerk at Smart Space Lifestyle Living in Ottery, had been charged with fraud after she allegedly transferred R4.3 million of company funds into five personal accounts linked to her.

Her former bosses claim the suspect, who earned less than R7 000 a month, bought a larney Lexus, renovated her Hanover Park home and even threw fancy parties with the money she allegedly stole.

On Monday, Yusuf said Fadwa and her husband has “threatened” to lay theft and fraud charges against him if he didn’t pay them for the car.

“The charges is their way of threatening me but I have proof that I paid them cash,” he says.

“I sold the car because I don’t want my business associated with this.”

The unsuspecting businessman says he bought the car after Billy told him they were having money troubles.

“I’m in the tourism business so I’m always looking to buy luxury cars,” Yusuf says.

“I know Billy from school and he contacted me via Facebook.”

“He told me they’re having financial difficulties and he needs to sell the car, but the car has engine problems.”

Billy wanted R90 000, but eventually accepted R48 000.

“I went to his place in Hanover Park, I gave him the cash and they gave me the registration papers of the car, (a copy of) his mother-in- law’s ID and the receipt,” says Yusuf.

After learning of Fadwa’s arrest, the Plattekloof businessman contacted Billy.

“I asked him what’s happening and he says the car is not in Fadwa’s name, it’s in her mother’s name and I have nothing to fear.

“At that time I had the engine sorted out, I had a new battery fitted, we had new tyres fitted and I did the branding for my business.”

“A day or later later I sold the car (to a dealer).”

When the Daily Voice contacted Fadwa for comment, she said: “I have never spoken to Yusuf. I don’t have time for his drama, it’s all unnecessary.”

Billy would not answer phone calls.