Maxi, a small black mongrel, who was allegedly beheaded by a teenager in Pinelands. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town -

A teenager allegedly hacked off the head of a dog while it was in the care of the chairman of the Oude Molen Eco Village in Pinelands, Hudson McComb.

The SPCA is investigating a case of animal abuse, and the teenager has been admitted to the Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital.

Maxi, a small black mongrel, was rescued in Observatory by Maureen Weekes about seven years ago. Eventually, the dog found a home with McComb.

This week, Weekes, who worked in the animal sanctuary at the eco village, was in a state of shock. She said:

“The dog appeared to have a good home and Maxi spent every day of his life with me during the day. I would return him home every evening.”

But, on January 14, Weekes had to go out. Later that day it is alleged the teenager cut off the dog’s head. He buried the body in the family garden, and then took the severed head to a friend at the eco village and threw it at the friend shouting: “Watch your backs.”

McComb later retrieved the head and buried it.

Weekes said: “This is a despicable crime and he (the teenage boy) must account for it.”

SPCA chief inspector Moyo Ndukwana confirmed that a case of animal abuse was being investigated.

McComb declined to comment.

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