Cape Town - A Gansbaai woman who recently moved to Cape Town has been murdered in the house she was sharing in Roodebloem Road, Woodstock.

Veronic Dickson, 27, had recently moved to the city to look for work.

Her job hunt had been successful, as she was to have started working at a large shopping mall at the start of next month, people who knew her told the Cape Argus.

But her hopes of a new life in Cape Town came to a bitter end on Thursday when she was murdered.

She was stabbed several times and found with a belt strapped tightly around her neck.

Woodstock police took in a man they found near the scene for questioning.

A bystander at the crime scene said the man appeared to have several cuts on his hands.

By Friday morning the man had not been arrested.

Investigators have continued their search for a suspect, said police liaison officer Captain FC van Wyk.

Witnesses at the scene on Thursday said Dickson’s body was found by a woman with whom she shared the house.

The house the women shared is near a KFC outlet on Main Road and a film studio in Roodebloem Road.

People working at the film studio heard Dickson’s roommate scream when she discovered the horrific scene after returning home from work about 4.40pm.

The house’s front door was on a chain.

Bystanders at the scene speculated that Dickson had been murdered by someone whom she knew.

Two dogs which were kept in the yard were also missing, bystanders claimed.

The murder took place in daylight, in a road monitored by CCTV cameras, but the cameras were pointed up and down the road, not at the houses and buildings along it.

The police arrived in large numbers, with as many as 10 vehicles lining the road at one point.

Investigators combed the property for evidence and forensic experts worked late into the night to seek clues.

A uniformed policeman was seen crying at the scene. Neighbours suggested he was Dickson’s boyfriend, but this could not be confirmed.

The policeman is not a suspect.

The Woodstock police have asked for help from the public.

Van Wyk confirmed that Dickson was found with multiple stab wounds and a belt tightly strapped around her neck.

She was declared dead at the scene.

He said the motive for the killing had not yet been established and no arrests had been made.

Anyone with information about the incident or the whereabouts of the suspects was asked to contact the investigating officer, Warrant Officer Warren Smith, at Woodstock police station on 021 486 2877 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111, Van Wyk said.

Cape Argus