The blood tests of rock star Arno Carstens are being disputed in his drunk driving trial in Cape Town. Photo: Manqoba Ngidi

Cape Town - The blood tests of South African rock star Arno Carstens who was bust for alleged drunk driving are being disputed in court.

Carstens was arrested December 19, 2010, and charged with drinking and driving.

The musician’s defence attorneys are now fighting to have his blood test results thrown out of court.

The rocker was pulled over when a traffic cop spotted him swerving in his black Mercedes Benz in the Cape Town CBD.

Earlier this week the officer testified that Carstens smelled of alcohol and was staggering when he was pulled over.

The rocker denies the drunk driving charge.

Now his lawyer Milton de la Harpe has questioned the validity of the blood tests taken when the singer was arrested.

He cross-examined State witness Pakama Pati, a blood analyst who tested the rock star’s blood.

De La Harpe said another doctor has questioned the method and results of the blood tests.

Pati told the court the department of health’s blood alcohol lab complies with national and international standards.

After the detailed and technical testimony about his blood records, Carstens said “it’s a lot like CSI” – the American crime TV series.

He added that he just wanted the trial to be completed after lengthy delays over the last three years.

The trial was postponed to April 25 for the defence to go over the information received from the blood expert.