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Cape Town - A suspect trying to evade arrest in Bellville crashed a stolen BMW into another vehicle and then a bus, in a chase that saw a police helicopter land in the middle of a road.

The action centred around Durban Road and Bloemhof Street on Monday and resulted in traffic congestion in the area as some lanes were closed.

While witnesses to the chase took to social media to describe what was happening and to try to find out more, the police remained tight-lipped, divulging only a few details. Police spokesman Andre Traut said a man had been arrested for being in the possession of a stolen vehicle.

“Circumstances of the matter are under investigation. The chopper assisted with the apprehension,” he said.

City traffic spokesman Richard Coleman told the Cape Times that the police had been chasing a BMW and during this chase the BMW had crashed into a Honda sedan and then a bus.

It appeared no one had been seriously injured.

Traut confirmed the collisions were linked to the police chase, but he did not provide further details.

It was understood the BMW had crashed into an Intercape bus.

An Intercape employee declined to comment.

On Twitter a user said: “Helicopter just landed in the middle of Durban road right in front of our car – police chase!”

She went on to tweet: “So crazy there was gunshots going off and sniffer dogs. The police were running in the road with guns.” (sic)

Another Twitter user said “an army of police” had been on the scene.

On the Facebook forum, Traffic fines, cameras & updates in Western Cape, a user said the BMW had crashed into the bus that was loaded with passengers.

Another user said it appeared suspects trying to evade the police had driven into oncoming traffic causing a collision involving multiple vehicles. This user said a suspect had been caught by dogs and described what was happening as “crazy action”.

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