File picture: Murdered Teasers owner, Lolly Jackson. Photo: Jennifer Bruce

A claim on the estate of murdered strip club owner Lolly Jackson was postponed indefinitely in the High Court in Joburg on Tuesday.

According to media reports, Nadezda Krejcirova filed papers on behalf of the company DRK Invest Praha Spol.Sro, apparently owned by her son Radovan Krejcir.

This was to claim $1 million (about R8.4 million) from Jackson's estate.

Jackson's widow, Demi, disputed the claim and the validity of documents purportedly signed by her late husband in April 2010.

In documents filed with the court, she claims the money was a “sham transaction of a money-laundering scheme conceived between Jackson and one Radovan Krejcir, who is the controlling mind behind the provisional sentence”. – Sapa