221110 Free image from Facebook. - Murder victim Anni Dewani, 28, who was attacked and killed whilst on holiday in South Africa with her Millionaire husband Shrien Dewani, 30, with his wife of two weeks Anni, 28. Anni was murdered on saturday night when the taxi they were travelling in was hijacked in Capetown, South Africa.

Murdered honeymoon bride Anni Dewani’s family say they are being targeted by heartless conmen trying to cash in on her tragic death.

And they also denied reports this weekend that Anni was stripped, brutally beaten and raped before she was murdered by hitmen-for-hire in Gugulethu.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Voice, Anni’s uncle Ashok Hindocha revealed he has received endless calls from people who claim they have vital clues about Anni’s killing.

Cops claim the beautiful bride was murdered in a staged hijacking – allegedly orchestrated by her husband Shrien Dewani – just days after the couple arrived in Cape Town on their honeymoon November 2010.

“I get between 10 and 15 calls a month from people who want to sell information to me about Anni’s death,” Ashok said.

“We even got a call from a man in Ghana who claimed he had information for us.

“It is so sad that there are people like that who try to make a few dollars from our family’s hurt. Many of them do it for the attention and others because they hope to get some money from it.

“I can’t understand why they do this, everyone wants to be part of it and have their names in the newspapers.”

Ashok also slammed an article in Independent Newspapers’ Sunday papers which quoted two unidentified women as claiming they saw Anni’s badly beaten naked body sprawled across the back seat of the hijacked minibus taxi.

“It simply is not true – if they are witnesses then they should speak to the police,” Ashok said.

He said he was sceptical of people who claim they are afraid to go to the cops and share information with investigators.

“I won’t believe the stories of anyone who says they are afraid to go to the police,” he said.

“We know that Anni’s body was in very good shape – she didn’t have a mark on her body and the police reports confirm it. Anni was not touched in the way these women are suggesting.

“We can confirm it. Anni’s cousin was there to help put the clothes on her body (before she was buried).

“There was not a mark on her face or on her arms.

“I was standing about 60cm away from her and I saw her.

“The rest, the female parts of her, were seen by her cousin and there was nothing on her.

“The only mark that was on her body was the gunshot wound. So it simply is not true (when the media reports that she was raped).

“If it was true, we would not publicly say there wasn’t a mark on her body.

“We do not like to read stories like that, it hurts the family when s*** like this comes out.”

Senior police sources also rubbished the claims.

“The autopsy clearly showed she was not raped or beaten,” one officer told the Daily Voice.

“It is not fair on the family to have to read reports like this – it is disgusting.” - Daily Voice