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Cape Town - A prisoner appeared in the Bellville Specialised Commercial Crime Court on Tuesday for allegedly bribing a police court orderly.

John Maggott, who is serving a life sentence for premeditated murder, allegedly paid the policeman to allow him to have sex with his girlfriend in the corridor of the holding cells.

Maggott appeared with Warrant Officer Bongani Ndokho, 42, who was a court orderly at the Wynberg Regional Court, where the incident happened in March 2012.

Prosecutor Simone Liedeman alleged that, for a R150 bribe, Ndokho allowed Maggott out of his holding cell to have sex with his girlfriend in the corridor.

Tuesday's proceedings were for the prosecutor to furnish legal aid lawyer Haley Lawrence with details of the charges.

Liedeman said both men were out on bail, but that Maggott had since been sentenced to life imprisonment for premeditated murder.

Ndokho faces two counts of corruption: one for allegedly receiving the R150 bribe, and the other for allegedly receiving additional bribes totalling R12 000 to smuggle dagga parcels to Maggott.

Maggott similarly faces two counts of corruption, as the alleged giver of the bribes.

Both men also face one charge each of dealing in drugs.

The charge sheet details a number of smses, allegedly arranging for dagga in parcels to be given to Ndokho, to smuggle to Maggott in the court holding cells, and for the alleged payment of bribes.

In one sms, Ndokho is alleged to have said that if the bribe was “not a block (R1000), don't bother coming”.

The prosecutor alleged that Ndokho deposited R12 000 into his bank account on March 27 last year.