Durban: 290514 Stolen Piture: Gcina Ndwalane

Durban - A KwaMashu police constable who was found in possession of stolen items was released on R1 000 bail in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Mayville police detectives received a tip-off that there were stolen goods at a home in Kwa-Mashu’s G section.

Police raided the house early on Wednesday and arrested a woman and the policeman.

They were charged with being in possession of property suspected to be stolen.

Police found a black jewellery box and a computer monitor at the house.

ID books, a passport, a purse and bank cards were also found by police at a home in Ntuzuma F section, which was allegedly rented by the two.

The police have not divulged the names of the two people they arrested because they expect to make more arrests.

They are trying to link the policeman to several robberies, including the hijacking of a Blue Security guard’s car in Manor Gardens last week.

The guard had responded to an alarm that went off at a home in Elland Road in the suburb when he was called to a neighbouring house where a burglary was in progress.

The guard was confronted by four burglars and shot one of the men, wounding him.

The wounded man later crashed his car on the corner of Glenwood Drive and Mazisi Kunene (South Ridge) Road, and was arrested.

The other three burglars made off with the guard’s car, which was later abandoned in Chesterville.

If anyone has been a victim of a burglary or home robbery and can identify the jewellery in the picture, they are asked to call Mayville police Detective Warrant Officer David Nzama on 073 180 0546.

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