A woman is seen picking up documents and a mans wallet at Sandton police station and heading to where she was directed.

Johannesburg - The last place you’d expect to have your belongings stolen is in a police station.

But as one man who visited Sandton police station found out, some fellow visitors to the station can be less than honest.

CCTV footage placed on YouTube of the station’s front desk shows an unidentified woman brazenly taking a wallet left on the counter by an unidentified man before walking out of the station.

The 30-minute-long video captured on August 18 shows the woman arriving at the station with documents that she lays across the counter.

She reaches in her bag, apparently fiddling and searching for something, before she slings her bag over her shoulder.

A minute-and-49 seconds into the video, the man - who appears to be in his thirties - arrives.

He too has documents that appear to need certification.

He stands next to the woman, asks for assistance from an officer behind the desk and appears to leave the front desk, forgetting his wallet behind.

The woman, still standing at the desk, talks to an officer who directs her to another section of the station. She then packs her documents and the man’s wallet and heads to where she was directed.

Minutes later, she reappears at the front desk to get a stamp.

She then leaves the station.

The man is again seen 18 minutes into the video looking for his wallet.

The video has been posted on community-crime-fighting project eBlockwatch’s Facebook page.

Founder Andre Snyman said on Monday: “To me, the most interesting thing is, how did this footage get leaked?”

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