Footage of this person being beaten, which appears to have been caught on a cellphone, has gone viral.

Johannesburg - A video showing a young woman being attacked by a mob has sparked many questions, with many asking whether it was politically motivated as claimed.

There is a belief that this video is an old mob justice killing that has been rebranded as a political act.

Former journalist Adriana Stuijt claimed on Monday that a friend recorded the video and insisted it was a politically motivated attack. She later posted the video on Twitter.

Despite a debate on the victim’s gender, Stuijt said it was a woman and that the incident occurred on election day.

She said ANC supporters attacked the woman because she was a Cope member. Three people in the video appear to be wearing ANC T-shirts.

However, Cope rejected Stuijt’s claims. “We don’t know anything of that nature,” Cope spokesman Johann Abrie said on Monday.

The video was circulated worldwide and is also on the CNN and BBC websites. CNN has captioned the video “ANC supporter violence”.

Stuijt, who lives in the Netherlands, has refused to say where this incident happened or who the person attacked was, except to say it was somewhere in Gauteng.

“I got hundreds of calls asking the same questions and I can’t say,” Stuijt said.

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