An Engen garage in Bonteheuwel was robbed but police intervened and made arrests. Picture: Leon Knipe

Cape Town - Police have nabbed three armed crooks after a gang of six men robbed a petrol station.

The drama unfolded at the Engen garage on the corner of Jakkelsvlei and Kiaat Way in Bonteheuwel, just after 7:40am on Tuesday morning.

A group of men walked into the shop at the garage and demanded money from an employee at gunpoint.

The gang got their hands on R300 000, tried to escape but their plans were foiled by law officials, based at a building near the garage.

The City’s JP smith says one officer noticed the gang and called for back-up: “The officers gave chase, during which one of the suspects opened fire on them.

“The officers returned fire and managed to catch up to two of the suspects. One was found in possession of just over R20 000, while the other had approximately R2 500 on him.”

A brave City worker, George February, 45, decided to follow the robbers in their red Ford Lazer.

George says: “On Vanguard Drive I flagged down a flying squad vehicle and they followed the car to Langa and a firearm was also recovered.”

Smith said four suspects, aged 26 to 31, are still on the run. The garage proprietor has indicated that at least R300 000 was stolen during the incident.

“This was a very daring robbery because our law enforcement base is literally next door to the garage,” explains Smith.

“The officers are to be commended for their quick reaction to the concerns of the public and also for putting their lives on the line to catch those responsible.”