File picture: Molly Riley

Johannesburg - Two cheeseburgers sat on the McDonald’s counter slowly getting cold. They had been ordered by a man who had no hunger for them any more.

A minute or so after placing his order, the supposed customer had pulled out a toy gun, aimed it at the cashier and demanded the money in the cash register.

The burgers lay dejected on the counter, as the man secured R3 320 and fled the Pretoria North McDonald’s in a hurry.

But rather than escaping in a fast getaway car or on a motorcycle, the man hopped onto a bicycle, not putting much distance between himself and the restaurant he had robbed.

According to police spokesman Constable Maanda Singo, it took under an hour for the police to find the suspect.

“He was arrested later by a dog patrolling unit and they found the stolen money as well as the toy gun he used for robbing the restaurant,” said Singo.

“It was quite a realistic looking gun,” he added.

The 25-year-old man spent two days in custody before appearing in court this morning, where he was charged with business robbery.

While it’s unknown if the man regretted leaving behind his last meal before being prescribed a diet comprising exclusively of prison food, police were unsure what happened to the cheeseburgers.

The Star