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KwaZulu-Natal - Police in KwaZulu-Natal are questioning the legitimacy of a claim that 10 women were being held captive in a container somewhere in the province, after their almost two-month investigation drew a blank.

Acting on information from an Nkandla woman who police “rescued” from a Pinetown post office, where she claimed to have gone to withdraw ransom money to give to her captors on September 26, a manhunt was launched to find the women – and the four men holding them against their will.

The women were being repeatedly raped, police were told. But there was no sign of them, police spokesman Colonel Vincent Mdunge, said oN Wednesday.

“Up to today there has not been a single parent who has come through to say their daughter could be one of those in this container.

“We even appealed to the public to report suspicious containers. Again, no one came forward,” Mdunge said. “We will now consider investigating further to establish if the initial complaint is legitimate.”

The complainant had claimed she was abducted from a taxi rank in Eshowe on September 12 and driven to a field and then to a container where other women were being held.

She said one woman who had tried to flee was shot dead and her body disposed of.


The complainant was rescued in Pinetown where she said had gone to withdraw R2 000, part of the ransom demanded by her captors.

The money was deposited by her worried family, who had been alerted.


Mdunge said police had worked tirelessly on the case and followed every lead that they could think of, but all their efforts have proved fruitless.


Speaking to the Daily News on Wednesday, the woman’s mother said she was doing very well considering what she had gone through. - Daily News