100912. The police at the scene in Nancefileld, Soweto where robbers abondoned the car, the fidelity box and fled following a robbery at Shell garage in Mofolo Soweto. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko

Johannesburg - A herd of goats ran over a crime scene in Soweto on Monday afternoon while police were searching a car used in a robbery.

“Arrest those goats, they are destroying the crime scene,” joked one police officer.

Earlier, three men had abandoned their car in Nancefield and had dropped a money box they had stolen from a cash-in-transit security guard.

The box’s built-in security features kicked in, causing an ink pack to explode and activating an alarm.


During the police search of the car and money box, a goat herder accidentally ran his flock under the police tape.

The herder put up his hands and apologised to the police as he ran past, south along Klipspruit Valley Road.

The three men were part of a six-man group who had earlier robbed a cash-in-transit security guard as he was about to load his vehicle at a nearby petrol station, said police spokesman Captain Mpande Khoza.

A Volvo and a BMW had arrived at the station, and three men went into the shop and bought airtime while another sat on a bench outside, said petrol attendant Christina Mbhele.

As the cash-in-transit guard walked out of the office, the men rushed up to him, took out their guns and pushed him back into the room. They took the money box and fled the scene, with three men in each car.

Police were alerted to the robbery, and a nearby patrol car followed the Volvo, which is believed to have been stolen.

The men panicked and fled, dropping the box. They ran into a hostel on the corner of Klipspruit Valley and Moroka Nancefield roads.

No arrests were made.

The whereabouts of the goats is still unknown. - The Star