Cape Town - 091023 - SUSPECTS WERE QUESTIONED AND SENT HOME WITH A WARNING AFTER FOUND IN AN ABANDONED COUNCIL HOUSE SMOKING MANDRAX, TIK AND DAGGA. JP SMITH HAS SWORN TO HAVE THE OCCUPANTS EVICTED AND THE HOUSE GIVEN TO THE COMMUNITY POLICING FORUM AS A BASE OF OPERATIONS. Metro Police as part of Operation Razor and Operation Choke performed VCP roadblocks and 6 house raids in the Mitchells Plein area last night. This is the begining of a 30 day operation in Mitchells Plein to try and erradicate organised crime in the area. Counsellor JP Smith road along with the police as well as Acting Director of the Metro Police Wayne Le Roux. 6 known houses were raided where only drug parafinalia was found including devices used to smoke tik, dagga and mandrax. In the VCP roadblocks 84 fines were issued and one arrest made for a fraudulant drivers lisence. Fines were handed out to a business for lack of permits and health code violations. Photo: Matthew Jordaan

East London - A repeat offender was charged in connection with alleged drug dealing after trying to evade arrest, East London police said on Tuesday.

“The man thought he could outrun police, but he soon ran out of steam,” said Captain Stephen Marais of the Duncan Village police.

Two policemen on patrol on Oxford Street near a well-known drug spot approached the man, who was talking to someone inside a car.

The man ran away. Police caught up with him and found him in possession of eight wrappers of crack cocaine, nine tik straws, 23 packets of dagga and R320 in cash.

The 27-year-old foreign national was taken to the East London police station where it emerged that he was out on bail for another drug-related charge.

He is due to appear in the East London Magistrate's Court on Wednesday. - Sapa