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Cape Town - The DA is set to institute disciplinary charges against a Southern Cape mayor after he was accused of assaulting his wife during an argument over car keys at their home.

A case of assault was opened against the mayor at a local police station shortly after the incident on Monday night.

The chairman of the DA’s Federal Executive, James Selfe, said they had sent a letter to him, giving him 24 hours to provide reasons why he should not be suspended, pending a disciplinary hearing.

“In the meantime, charges are being prepared and will be served on him in due course,” Selfe said.

Party insiders say the mayor allegedly assaulted his wife in front of their six-year-old daughter.

There were claims that the case against the mayor had been withdrawn but Southern Cape police confirmed that the matter was still under investigation.

“Police are still investigating the case. Once the investigation has been finalised the complete docket will be submitted to the NPA for a decision on whether to prosecute or not,” Southern Cape police spokesman Captain Malcolm Pojie said.

Meanwhile, the executive mayor sent a WhatsApp message informing his fellow councillors, the municipal manager and directors at the municipality of the complaint against him.

“You would have heard about these allegations via the social media or any other media source. I have requested the DA leadership to grant me (seven) days leave to allow me to ascertain the merit of the allegations against me. I will inform you as to whether the leave was granted,” he wrote.

The ANC in the province also was quick to call for the mayor’s immediate dismissal, after the DA ripped into them over allegations lodged against their top two leaders.

“No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman for any reason, for any reason. Any civilised organisation should have no tolerance for violence against women.

“The ANC is making a renewed call to action to stop violence against women,” said Major Sokopo, the party’s regional secretary in the Southern Cape.

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