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Pietermaritzburg- A father of two was stabbed to death after confronting his assistant, allegedly over the theft of bread.

Hedesh Ramchandar was delivering loaves of bread to the Checkout store in Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg, on Friday.

Police sources said he had confronted his assistant as some loaves were missing from the store’s standard delivery.

The assistant, who is known to the police, apparently produced a knife and stabbed Ramchandar repeatedly.

The suspect then fled.

Onlookers in the busy business district were shocked by the attack.

Employees at Checkout, who declined to be named, pulled the critically injured Ramchandar into the store and called for paramedics.

The emergency staff tried in vain to resuscitate Ramchandar. He was later declared dead.

The police are still searching for the suspect


Ramchandar’s funeral was held on Saturday.

He leaves his wife and two young daughters.

A family member told the Daily News yesterday they were shattered by the heedless nature of Ramchandar’s death.

“He was killed over loaves of bread. What respect is that for a human life?

“How can we continue to live in this country when we are being killed over things like this?

“Two children are now without a father. We can’t believe this is real,” the relative said.

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