Cape Town 09-12-2012 Lohencine George says one of the gunmen try to shoot him but his gun gammed twice pix Patrick Louw story Megan Baadjies

Cape Town - A heartbroken seven-year-old boy has told how his hero dad shoved him under a bed just moments before he was brutally murdered in their home.

Denver George, 37, and his brother-in-law Claude Campher, 41, both died trying to save their families after gunmen stormed into their home.

And Denver’s brother Lohencine George, 26, is lucky to be alive after one of the killers’ guns jammed twice as it was held against his chest.

Denver died seconds after pushing his terrified little son McKyle Asia to safety.

He shouted, ‘Lollie crawl underneath the bed’ then he died,” a shaken McKyle tells the Daily Voice as he is comforted by his mother, Erica.

Tears roll down the grief-stricken widow’s face as she recalls her hero husband’s last moments.

“He died a hero and he tried to stop them from going into the bedroom,” she sobbed.

The killers also tried to kill Lohencine but he survived when the gun jammed.

“I was the first person they got to because I was standing outside when they jumped over the wall,” Lohencine told the Daily Voice.

“As one of the men stormed in, another kept me outside and pushed me against the wall. He held the gun to my chest and pulled the trigger, but it jammed.

“He tried again after he cocked the gun and changed the magazine but it jammed a second time.”

Bizarrely, the same gun “worked 100 percent fine” when the suspect joined his accomplice in the house where they each fired several shots at Denver and Claude, killing them on the spot.

“While I was held up outside, I was not really aware of what was happening around me until I heard the gunshots inside,” Lohencine adds.

The shocking murders occurred in the victims’ family home in Scottsdene in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police are hunting the killers but so far no arrests have been made.

Police say they have not yet established a motive for the murders.

“We can confirm the murders of two men are being investigated,” police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said. “The motive is unknown.”

Relatives admit Denver was a member of the 27s prison gang, but insist he had no enemies outside.

Claude’s wife Sheris, 41, says the family fears the killers will return to finish them off.

“I don’t know why they did this,” Sheris says.

“We are too afraid to stay at home because these men could come back.”

* This article was published in the Daily Voice