Johannesburg - A security guard found the bodies of two babies wrapped in the same plastic bag and left for dead at a rubbish dump on Wednesday.

He was patrolling the Devland dumping site near Eldorado Park, south of Joburg, when he came across the bodies and called the police and emergency services.

“We found there two infants, around noon, who were dumped. One looked as if it was a newborn, and the other looked as if it was around three months old,” said Johannesburg Emergency Management Services spokesman Robert Mulaudzi.

“Unfortunately they were declared dead on the scene.”

The matter was handed over to the police for further investigation.

Police spokesman Captain Phillemon Khorombi said they had opened a docket but had not made any arrests.

He said no babies of this age had been reported missing in the area.

Mulaudzi appealed to young people and parents to approach either the relevant government authority or non-governmental organisations if they were experiencing emotional and other challenges.

“This is so that we can avoid tragic situations like this one,” he said.

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