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A Cape Town city official is allegedly the target of death threats from a contractor under investigation, deputy mayor Ian Neilson said on Wednesday.

He said the contractor had apparently revealed her threatening plan to a business associate, who then went to the police.

In a sworn affidavit, the associate heard her say: “If Joffe goes down, she will take (the city official) with her.

The associate then said in the affidavit: “I asked her what she meant and she said that she is going to ask her boyfriend (named) if he can find someone to kill (the city official).”

The threat, assumed to be meant for the official within the supply chain management department, was allegedly made at the end of May.

“The city takes strong exception to such threats to its employees and will not let the matter rest,” Neilson said.

“(In the meantime) we have reviewed the employee's security and provided him with additional security measures.”

The contractor was engaged in a civil dispute with the city with regards to an electrical contract to the value of R1.1 million.

Neilson said the official was merely upholding the interests of the city and had been advised on the dispute by a broad range of officials and legal counsel.

Police were investigating. - Sapa