Cape Town 101028. Hostage Drama in Ravensmead, Cape Town.Here Police leave the scene with the Kidnapper in the back of the Police Van.. PHOTO SAM CLARK, CA, Mathew Sheldon.

Cape Town - An allegedly corrupt Delft policeman has been arrested on charges of dealing in drugs in a police sting that yielded 15 suspects.

Metro police and SAPS officers executed a search warrant at a house in the Hague, Delft, yesterday and arrested nine suspects on charges of possession of and dealing in illegal narcotics, the City of Cape Town said today.

“It was later found that one of the suspects is a detective. He was charged for possession and dealing in illegal narcotics, possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, being in possession of forensic bags with narcotics, possession of an unlicensed vehicle, corruption, and defeating the ends of justice,” the city said.

“Officers confiscated 121 packets of tik, 51 forensic bags containing narcotics, a 9mm Z88 firearm, and a box of documentation relating to forensic investigations,” the city said.

The same metro police officers assisted SAPS officers in the arrest of a wanted suspect in Harare.

“The 32-year-old woman is also linked to a syndicate involved in theft and property-related crimes. During the operation, officers found more than a dozen mandrax tablets.

“The woman and five other suspects were arrested and charged with dealing in illegal narcotics,” the city said.

The Saps provincial communications office confirmed the arrest of the 46-year-old police constable, stationed at Delft. The matter is under investigation.

Dan Plato, Western Cape MEC of community safety, said it was “highly disturbing” that a SAPS detective had been arrested.

“In the fight against drugs and gangs that are ripping our communities apart we simply cannot have police members involved in keeping this cycle of destruction alive.”

Cape Argus