Clive Derby-Lewis. File photo

Pretoria -

The wife of one of Chris Hani’s killers, Clive Derby-Lewis, has gone to court to force the Department of Correctional Services to take him to a private city hospital.

A war of words raged between legal counsel for Derby-Lewis and the department in the Pretoria High Court on Friday. It became so heated that they were asked to keep the noise down at the request of the judge, who was in his chambers.

Coertze said the department had failed to comply with an urgent court order stating Derby-Lewis be transported to a private health-care facility by 10am on Friday. He was stabbed in jail two weeks ago by a fellow inmate. He suffered a broken arm and several stab wounds.

“On (March 9) Gaye (Derby-Lewis) visited her husband. He complained about pain, had a fever, his arm was very swollen and seemed inflamed. Thus we applied to the high court to have him treated at a private hospital,” Coertze said. The order was granted and served to the department on Thursday. The department did not take him to hospital because of a policy that a R450 transfer fee be paid by the inmate.

He said that at Judge Eben Jordaan’s suggestion, the parties discussed the issue and a compromise was reached. Requisite forms had been filled in and Derby-Lewis was due to see a private doctor on Monday.

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