Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani

Cape Town -

Murder suspect Shrien Dewani has two more legal avenues to pursue if he wants to pursue his appeal against a UK court’s decision for him to be extradited to South Africa.

On Friday, the UK High Court ruled that Dewani may return to this country if South African authorities agreed that if he did come back, but was found to be unfit for trial, he could be sent back to the UK.

Dewani is accused of masterminding the murder of his wife, Anni, in Khayelitsha on November 13, 2010 and is the only one of four suspects who has not been sentenced.

In July, a British court dismissed an initial appeal by Dewani, based on mental health grounds, against an extradition order. He appealed again and this resulted in Friday’s ruling. However, it did not mean Dewani would definitely be extradited.

On Monday, Justice Department spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga said Dewani had two weeks to apply for leave to appeal to the UK Supreme Court. “If he fails at UK Supreme Court he can still approach the European Court for Human Rights, but only on human rights grounds .”

On Monday, Anni’s uncle Ashok Hindocha said he did not see a reason for Dewani to appeal.


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