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Cape Town – A road rage incident nearly a year ago, in which a woman was allegedly sworn at for trying to slow down a speeding motorist, has resulted in the speedster’s case being diverted to the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Re-integration of Offenders (Nicro).

Kirsan Perumaul, 30, a broker of Fenton Close Salt River in Cape Town, appeared in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, before magistrate Sean Lea.

The alleged incident happened on December 29 last year, in Vryburger Avenue, Goodwood.

Perumaul had made five court appearances before his case was referred to Goodwood’s senior prosecutor, Mike Greenwood, for mediation and possible diversion.

Diversion happens in suitable cases, where the offender is punished without the trauma of being convicted and sentenced in a criminal court of law.

The magistrate warned Perumaul to appear in court again, for trial, on February 28, if the diversion proceedings failed.

Prosecutor Moosa Adonis alleged that Perumaul called the woman a “f.. white bitch”, when she tried to slow him down, and for this he faced charges of crimen injuria and reckless or negligent driving.

As it turned out, the diversion was successful, and Perumaul was ordered to attend Nicro programmes for anger management, and whatever else the organisation considers necessary.

One of the reasons for the diversion was that he stood to lose his broker’s license if convicted of a criminal offence.

The diversion effectively suspends the criminal proceedings, and Perumaul will only be required to appear in court again, for trial, if he fails to co-operate with Nicro.

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