802 08.07.2014 08.07.2014 Jozi fm DJ Donald Sebolai was arrested this morning at Dobsenville in Soweto and is kept Jabulani Police Station and will appear at Protea Magistrate Court within 48 hours. Picture:Sharon Seretlo

Johannesburg - Murder-accused radio DJ Donald Sebolai told his sister he injured his girlfriend but that she was okay, the Protea Magistrate's Court heard on Wednesday.

“He sent me a WhatsApp message on the morning of 29th June and said he has injured her but they were okay,” Sebolai's sister Kelebogile told the court during her brother's bail application.

Kelebogile had been out drinking with Sebolai and his girlfriend Dolly Tshabalala the previous night.

Kelebogile was dropped off at her place after which Sebolai and Tshabalala went to his flat in Jabulani.

She said their relationship was fine.

“I knew her (Tshabalala) very well. They were happy. We were all happy and laughing the previous night,” she said.

Sebolai refused to answer some questions during his bail application.

Prosecutor Chantal Syvert asked Sebolai if he had called the police, an ambulance, or neighbours for help, seeing that his girlfriend, Dolly Tshabalala, was bleeding.

He is accused of stabbing her to death.

“I choose to remain silent,” he told magistrate Herman Badenhorst during his bail application.

Badenhorst asked him if he was sure.

“Is it that you cannot answer or that you do not want to answer?” asked Badenhorst.

“I choose to not answer,” said Sebolai, speaking in SeTswana through an interpreter.

He refused to answer questions about whether Tshabalala was still alive, whether she was talking and whether he moved her before he left the flat after the stabbing on June 29.

Sebolai could only say his girlfriend was on the bed when he fled in her car. He told the court he took some of his clothes and drove around in Soweto.

“I went around all over, and resting wherever I found a place to rest. I was in a state of shock and could not think straight.”

He said he roamed around for days, and avoided his friends.

“The Jozi FM programmes manager called me and said I should get to the station. I agreed to do that, but did not go.”

Sebolai said he was undecided on whether to commit suicide or flee.

Syvert said radio station chief executive Mpho Mhlongo sent Sebolai a message through WhatsApp and told him to come to the station.

“You replied by saying, 'bye my chief, I did some sh**and you will never see me again',” said Syvert.

Sebolai said he could not remember the message because he received a lot of messages.

Syvert told the court the car was found abandoned in Soweto. A blood-stained knife was found in the cubby hole, and Sebolai's clothes in the back seat. There was also a blood-stained plastic bag.

The bail application continues.