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Johannesburg - Two dogs have been subjected to a full rape examination.

In what appears to be a bizarre misunderstanding, a suspected incident of bestiality was reported to the police in Schauderville, Port Elizabeth.

But, after a full rape test kit was conducted on the two animals at a private clinic, it seems the dogs were not sexually abused.

An e-mail was circulated by an animal rights organisation suggesting the two dogs were taken from their owner because someone had been caught abusing them.

The e-mail suggested that this was not an isolated incident and that a case had been reported to the sexual offences court as “bestiality is not reflected under the Animal Protection Act”.

But, according to the man who rescued the animals, the tests showed no signs of sexual abuse and the person who reported catching the perpetrator in the act may have been incorrect.

“It was dark and (the witness) may not have seen exactly what happened,” he said.

The rescuer said the dogs would, however, not be returned to their owner.

A new home would be found for the pair.

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