Caption: Michelle Hislop with her son Dominic (9) who was savaged by four dogs on Easter Sunday. The DPHS Grade 3 pupils is undergoing rabies treatment, as well as extensive operations to ensure the deep wound son his thighs do not become infected. Picture: Colleen Dardagan

Durban - A Durban youngster is recovering in hospital after being savaged by four dogs while on his way to fetch family members for an Easter egg hunt at the weekend.

But the owner of the two Rottweiler-crosses and two Dalmatians, Sudan Hansraj, said the dogs were not to blame for the attack.

“We were attacked (by intruders) some years ago and our dogs were pepper-sprayed. They are sensitive. We were out the whole day on Sunday and someone opened our gate. We are traumatised, too.

“No, we are not going to put the dogs down.”

Hansraj said the dogs had attacked another child in a “minor incident” about two years ago.

Nine-year-old Dominic Hislop was bitten on the thighs after being chased by the dogs in Deane Road, Glenmore, on Sunday morning.

“My cousins were late for our Easter egg hunt. The eggs were melting. They live just around the corner, so I ran up the road to call them,” the youngster said from his hospital bed on Wednesday.

The Durban Preparatory High School Grade 3 pupil had just set off when he noticed Hansraj’s electric gate was open and the four dogs were running at him.

“I tried to run home. But one got me on the ankle and got me to the ground.

“All I could think was I must hurry up and get away from them.”

Dominic’s mother, Michelle, said that a neighbour, Steven Ratcliff, arrived and probably saved her son’s life.

“I just happened to drive that way by chance,” Ratcliff said.

“All I saw was this child running into the intersection and being brought down by the two big black dogs. You know when they (dogs) latch on and don’t let go? They started shaking Dominic around. It was just a horrible sight,” he said.

Ratcliff said he had hooted and then jumped out of his car and ran at the dogs, shouting, after which they retreated into their yard.

Hansraj said the dogs’ vaccinations were not up to date.

Dominic has to get four “very sore” rabies injections every three days in his arms and legs.

Captain Thulani Zwane confirmed that a case of “keeping ferocious dogs” was being investigated by the SAPS

“The court will decide if the dogs should be destroyed,” he said.

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