Douglas Forbes, an internationally renowned numerologist.

 Johannesburg - Douglas Forbes, an internationally renowned numerologist who is known for his Human Code invention, is fighting for his life following an attack at his house in Observatory, Joburg.

He was attacked on November 20.

According to his son Brad, when Forbes returned from Turkey recently, he immediately dismissed their domestic helper, who he believed was mistreating his ailing wife.

“Their domestic helper was responsible for taking care of my mother, who has lost mobility, but would abuse her instead. When my dad heard of this, he let her go immediately,” said Brad.

On the day of the attack, Brad said the helper had prepared toxic food for his father, and later that evening three intruders had invaded the house.

“After eating that stuff my father lost consciousness, and my mother was in a separate room.

“The three males ganged up against him and tied his hands and feet before leaving the premises with many household items.”

Although Brad was convinced that the dismissed domestic worker was behind the incident and that he wanted her to be arrested, Yeoville police spokesperson Captain Sifiso Mabizela said investigations were continuing.

“We are investigating the matter. We are trying to find the domestic helper’s whereabouts as we suspect that she is an illegal immigrant,” Mabizela said.

“With regard to other possible suspects, we are awaiting the recovery of Forbes so that we can get a statement from him.”

The Human Code invention is a numerical formula which can be used to convert a person’s unique personality and processing style we adopt from birth by applying the principles of sacred geometry, physics, bio-genetics, bio-mathematics, psychology as well as sociology to a person’s date of birth.

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