A 70-year-old man was shot in both legs by robbers at his home early on Wednesday.

Bryan Speirs and his wife were asleep at their home in Old Howick Road when they were awakened at about 1.30am by the sound of breaking glass.

Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Joey Jeevan said Speirs was confronted by two unknown men.

“One was armed and shot Speirs in his legs.

The gunman then ordered Speirs’s wife to unplug the television and recording equipment while his accomplice ransacked the bedroom for valuables,” Jeevan said.

Speirs, who was wounded in both legs, managed to crawl to his bed and get out his firearm from under the mattress and fired a shot in the direction of the suspects.

The suspects fled, taking with them an amplifier and Speirs’s wife’s Blackberry.

Speirs was rushed to hospital, where he is in a stable condition. His wife was treated for shock.

Police have appealed for anyone who can assist with information to contact Detective Sergeant Sagran Naidoo of SAPS Town Hill detective services at 033 845 7789 or at 076 027 4593. - Daily News