Durban - An Effingham man who fraudulently bought building material worth more than R1 million on his employer’s account has been found guilty.

Thivogan Pillay, 29, pleaded guilty in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Thursday to five counts of fraud and was given a suspended sentence and correctional supervision.

He had made purchases of cement and other building materials without the knowledge of his employer, Devru Construction, and these were resold. One of the charges he pleaded guilty to was for the purchase of building materials from NPC CIMPOR for just more than R1 million over the period July 2012 to September 2012. The court heard that Pillay had made other purchases for smaller amounts from different companies in the same year, using Devru’s account.

Pillay admitted in an affidavit presented to the court earlier that a friend, Kaven Naidoo, had assured him he could source buyers if he (Pillay) could buy materials on Devru’s account.

Pillay said Naidoo had suggested he fraudulently buy the materials and when they had been sold they would share the profits. Naidoo began placing the orders with him and buyers were arranged to pick up the material.

Naidoo assured him that Devru would not pick up the discrepancy in their books if the purchases were made to look as if they were for the company.

Pillay said he became accustomed to receiving the extra money and continued with the unlawful purchases although he knew it was wrong.

Pillay was given a five-year suspended sentence and the court ordered he pay back NPC CIMPOR R750 000.

He must also undergo three years of correctional supervision, which include community service and home visits by Correctional Services.

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