Dayalin Maslamoney won R10 million on the Lotto says he wishes he had never received the windfall. Photo: Shan Pillay

Durban - The former policeman who won R10 million on the Lotto and has since been charged with theft, says he wishes he had never received the windfall.

“Money ruined my life and my marriage. I would never wish for the Lotto again,” Dayalin Maslamoney told the Daily News on Tuesday.

Maslamoney, 39, appeared in the Pietermaritzburg District Court with his co-accused, Zaheer Khan, 35, on two counts of theft under false pretences and one count of impersonating police officers.

The case was adjourned to March 17 for statements to be received. Khan is still in custody, while Maslamoney is on bail of R2 000.

Maslamoney said he was in the process of suing his ex-wife, Reena, for his share of what is left of the winnings.

The couple’s divorce was finalised in November, but Maslamoney said he had given his wife power-of-attorney over his financial affairs soon after he won the Lotto in 2009. He claims that after the divorce his wife left, taking the winnings with her.

Maslamoney hit the headlines in 2009 when his then wife took him to court in an attempt to stop him from accessing the windfall. She said she had bought her husband the winning R50 “quick pick” ticket on April 18, 2009, and claimed in court papers that Maslamoney had squandered more than R500 000 of the R10m.

The couple were married in community of property.

She claimed her husband had paid R100 000 for a vehicle, put down an R80 000 deposit on a property in Pietermaritzburg and paid off her debts to the tune of about R36 000.

The rest he allegedly spent on throwing parties for his friends.

Maslamoney denied on Tuesday that he had squandered money on his friends.

He acknowledged that an R80 000 deposit was paid for the R1.7m house in Chase Valley, and revealed he had bought five vehicles.

The house and three of the vehicles have since been sold. Maslamoney claims he has not seen a cent from the sales. He said he had also contributed R100 000 to the construction of a church as well as R80 000 towards a feeding scheme for the poor.

A million rand was placed in a trust for his daughter.

Maslamoney claims that R300 000 was also equally distributed between the couple’s siblings and parents.

He said he was shocked to discover that just a week after he had won the Lotto, she had filed for divorce. The couple soon reconciled, but in May 2012, Reena left her husband.


Maslamoney, who is now unemployed, said he resigned as a warrant officer from the SAPS after 18 years of service after his Lotto win.

The former policeman was arrested after an incident in Boom Street on February 2.

It is alleged Maslamoney and Khan knocked on the door of Yusuf Billy, pretending to be police officers, and that Maslamoney then produced a name badge with SAPS insignia on it.

The two men questioned Billy about a “suspect”, and when Billy said he did not know anything, the two allegedly demanded cash. Billy allegedly handed over R250.

One of Billy’s friends who was in the house called the police. Maslamoney and Khan were arrested at the house.

Maslamoney said he intended pleading not guilty to the charges.

Attempts to get comment from Reena were unsuccessful.

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