Cape Town 310111 Former Fidentia boss J Arthur Brown, who is facing multiple fraud charges leaving the Cape Town High Court penniless not able ot pay for the leagal fees. picture : neil baynes

Cape Town - Former Fidentia boss J Arthur Brown will no longer stand trial in the Cape Town Regional Court.

Judge Anton Veldhuizen agreed on Thursday that the theft charges he faced in that court would be incorporated into the indictment he faced in the high court.

Brown was arrested in 2007 and charged with four counts of fraud, two of corruption, two of theft, and one of money-laundering.

The State alleges he ran a pyramid scheme and used investor funds for his personal gain, including the acquisition of luxury cars and beach houses.

The case was postponed until January 28.

Veldhuizen said: “Come the 28th, this matter will run. Everything must be tip-top and there must be no further delays.”