Worcester 04042014 ALLEGED VICTIM’S FATHER: Flippie Engelbrecht snr, who testified that he and his son were assaulted. picture and story HENRIËTTE GELDENHUYS


Cape Town - Flippie Engelbrecht, the teenage son of a farmworker, showed no signs of having been assaulted, and made false claims against a farm manager and a farm owner to get money from them, the Worcester Magistrate’s Court has heard.

Advocate Pieter Botha put this to Engelbrecht’s father, Flippie Engelbrecht sr, who testified that both he and his son were assaulted.

Botha is defending the manager of Robertson wine farm Rietvallei, Wilhelm “Dozi” Treurnicht, who has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Engelbrecht jr with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

A second accused, Rietvallei farm owner Johnny Burger, committed suicide in September last year.

Botha said he would call a warrant officer from Ashton police station to testify that he had seen Engelbrecht jr on the day of the alleged assault on January 25, 2008, and the boy, then 13, wasn’t injured in any way, nor were there marks or blood on his face or body.

Botha said the warrant officer would testify that Engelbrecht jr had not complained to him at all and, as a result, he didn’t take a statement from the boy.

Engelbrecht sr answered: “He didn’t speak to Flippie. He said Flippie was underage.”

Botha put it to Engelbrecht sr that the warrant officer would say that if a 13-year-old boy had been assaulted and he could see it, he would have acted on it and arrested the person responsible.

Engelbrecht sr answered: “Flippie’s lips were swollen,” to which Botha replied: “But earlier you said his lips were not swollen.”

A video clip was played in court in which a 19-year-old Engelbrecht jr told an interviewer he wanted Burger to pay him out until he (Engelbrecht jr) died, that Burger should buy him a house, and that he wanted a portion of Burger’s farm and part of his harvest.

Botha said to Engelbrecht sr: “Remember I told you that the case was about money?”, to which Engelbrecht replied: “I hear what you say, but to me it’s not about the money.”

The advocate then asked Engelbrecht sr why he had said in a statement it was his eldest son, Isak, who had been assaulted, not Engelbrecht jr.

Engelbrecht sr answered: “Isak wasn’t assaulted.”

Botha said he would call a female witness to testify that Engelbrecht sr had told her Burger had assaulted Isak.

Botha: “She said you never spoke about Flippie.”

Engelbrecht sr: “I don’t have any knowledge of this. I was never at her home.”

Botha also wanted to know from Engelbrecht sr why he and his wife, Katriena, had said the attack happened in 2010.

“No, I said 2008,” replied Engelbrecht sr.

Botha: “But you said in a statement it happened in 2010.”

Engelbrecht sr: “Flippie’s assault happened in 2008. I didn’t say 2010.”

Botha said he would call female witness Gertruide Sampson and a male witness to testify that Engelbrecht jr had often complained to them about how Engelbrecht sr and his wife assaulted him.


Engelbrecht sr responded: “I have never fought with any person or children.”


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