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Palm Ridge, Gauteng - Four men were arrested on Friday morning for the murder of two Gauteng policemen, police said.

Two firearms were found in a house and a man was arrested during an operation in Palm Ridge, said Captain Pinky Tsinyane.

The man took police to another two men in De Deur, south of Johannesburg. A fourth man was arrested in Mpumalanga and transferred to Gauteng.

“We've been looking for them for a while now. Our investigations link them to the crime, but for now they are still suspects pending the investigations,” said Tsinyane

Warrant Officer Mongali Thomas Moagi and Constable Pantsi Daniel Tshakela Moagi were shot dead on August 18, while responding to a hijacking in Sonland Park, Vereeniging.

A home-owner and his brother were leaving a house in Korhaan Street when a white Elantra blocked their way.

Tsinyane said three men got out, held them at gunpoint and demanded the car keys. When one of the men tried to run to a passing police vehicle on in the area, the hijackers shot him in the leg.

The hijackers then opened fire on the police. The two policemen died on the scene. The gunmen stole the police vehicle, but later abandoned it.

“We are yet to establish how the fourth suspect was involved in the crime,” said Tsinyane.

The men arrested, aged between 28 and 32, faced charges of murder and possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition. - Sapa