Kimeera Rajbunsis body was found dumped in a sugar cane field near Glen Anil.

Durban - A public outcry on Facebook, including threats on the life of murder accused Sholin Bissoon, are among the reasons he has been denied bail.

The Verulam Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday also said there was a possibility Bissoon could go on the run. given his state of mind.

Bissoon had been charged with the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Kimeera Rajbunsi, of Phoenix. Her body was found on March 5 at a small dam which leads to a river near Glen Anil. She had multiple stab wounds to her chest.

Bissoon said in his affidavit that he had struck her with a frying pan, but then suffered “temporary mental incapacity”. He said “his mental state was such that he was unable to think rationally”.

He also submitted pages from Rajbunsi’s diary in which she wrote about her affections for someone else.

Delivering her bail judgment, magistrate Visha Naidoo said the State had put forward a strong case.

She said the accused had failed to show exceptional circumstances for him to be granted bail.

“From the evidence provided by the prosecutor, the murder was triggered by the break-up of the couple.

“The accused had shown strong feelings towards the deceased (Rajbunsi), but she had expressed feelings for a third party in the diary. This caused the accused’s mind to be affected,” said Naidoo.

“I cannot take into account his character reference because this was an account of him before the incident happened. What type of man is he?” she said.

Naidoo said there was no evidence Bissoon would abscond because he handed himself in.

She said the murder weapon had not been recovered. Therefore, if Bissoon was released, he would have access to the scene of the crime, possibly hindering the investigation.

She said the murder had shocked and outraged the community.

“I have to take into account the postings which have been put up on the deceased’s Facebook page. There might be one person who might want to harm the accused. I also have to take into account that the deceased’s mother and sister are fearful.”

The magistrate requested that the defence hand in the diary to the prosecutor or investigating officer as it formed part of the state’s evidence.

Speaking after the court proceedings, the deceased’s sister, Ashmika Rajbunsi, said: “We want justice served for Kimeera, but also a heightened awareness to offenders and the consequences of their actions against women.”

She added that the family were traumatised and her sister’s murder was an immeasurable loss to them.

Bissoon’s parents looked distraught and refused to comment.

The matter was adjourned to May and Bissoon was remanded in custody.

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